Our Three Years Activities

The beginning of learning how to get on with others


01. Siliguri Global Engineering Institute continued to provide lunch once a month for the inmates of T.G Matrichayya Sewa Sangsthan.

02.Total 60 candidates were trained free of cost in technical course i.e., Welding Quality Technician, Refrigeration & AC Technician and 30 candidates were trained free of cost in non-technical course i.e. Retail Sales Associate. The training was imparted with strict compliance of SOP issued by the competent authority.


01. Siliguri Global Engineering Institute donated 100 nos. books related to Diploma in Civil & Mechanical Engineering and 6 nos of Concrete Cube Testing Mold to Darjeeling Polytechnic, Kurseong on 26th June’ 2019. This is the second time SGEI had donated the books and equipment to Darjeeling Polytechnic for the benefit of both student and faculties.

02.Blood Donation Camp was organized on 9th September’ 2019by Siliguri Global Engineering Institute in association with North Bengal Medical College & Hospital to commemorate the birth of the founding father of SGEI, Mr. Indrajit Mukherjee who left for heavenly abode on 30th July’ 2019.

03. 10 students who belong to vulnerable group and were interested to pursue ITI were fully sponsored by Siliguri Global Engineering Institute. The entire course fee of these 10 students will be borne by Siliguri Global Engineering Institute.

04. Siliguri Global Engineering Institute has taken an initiative to provide lunch once a month at T.G Matrichayya Sewa Sangsthan- A home for deaf, blind and old people situated in Matigara.

05. Siliguri Global Engineering Institute with the assistance of NABARD has trained candidates from vulnerable groups in technical courses such as Welding Quality Technician, Refrigeration & AC Technician and in non-technical course Retail Sales Associate with absolutely no cost.


01. Siliguri Global Engineering Institute on 27th November’ 2018, travelled all the way to Dalkhola to provide lunch session for 150 orphan children at Jamia FaizulOlum Madrassah.

02. On November, 28th 2018, SILIGURI GLOBAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE donated Electrical appliances to the Missionaries of Charity ,Regional House, Siliguri. The new building was constructed to shelter the orphan and new born children.The congregation founded by Mother Teresa for dying and destitute.

03. On December, 20th 2018, SILIGURI GLOBAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE donated 247 nos. books related to Diploma in Civil & Electrical Engineering and 2 nos. of Survey Chain to Darjeeling Polytechnic College, Kurseong.


01. SILIGURI GLOBAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE in Collaboration with CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA, REGIONAL OFFICE, SILIGURI, WEST BENGAL, made a special drive and arranged 2 nos of Seminars for the existing students of Siliguri Global Engg. Institute / Siliguri Global Pvt. Industrial Training Institute and as well as the other technical students of other Government Industrial Training Institutes / Technical Institutes of the zone of North Bengal. The main MOTTO / AIM of these two seminars were to make them aware of that, the NATIONALISED BANKS of INDIA are extending financial supports in the form of LOANS and ADVANCES such as MUDRA LOAN, PMEGP, SVSKP , MSME etc to the youths / youngsters and others who desire to pursue self-employment with special emphasis to skilled people having undergone SKILL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING from INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTES and other SKILL DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTES with an aim to generate and create further employment for selves and others. It was also to convey that, the BANKS will provide facilitation and lead generation for the entrepreneurs, counseling and guiding them about the process flow of KYC, CREDIT DISCIPLINE, Complaint Redressal, Marketing, Backward and Forward Integration etc to enable them to be pre-informed to have access to organized financial sectors like Banks for raising loans to fulfill their dreams to become a successful entrepreneur.

02. SILIGURI GLOBAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE conducted the Technical Training in “Capacity Building Programme” under C.S.R scheme of the POWER GRID CORPORATION of INDIA LIMITED, for a period of 52 Days ( Ref. No: ER-II / SLG / HR , dated: 25/07/2017 ) and trained 160 nos of economically backward class people arranged by P.G.C.I.L. The training was on the THEORETICAL & PRACTICAL part of the Technical Norms and Procedure of fabrication and erection of the HIGH TENSION TRANSMISSION TOWERS . In this technical field, there is a constant scarcity / inadequacy of proper skilled man-power for the past prolonged period. After this training, these candidates became eligible to work as a trainee in some major contracting companies of this trade who are associated with POWER GRID CORPORATYION of INDIA LIMITED.

03. SILIGURI GLOBAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE has also spreaded its wings over the border of West Bengal also and financed “J & K INSTITUTE OF SKILL DEVELOPMENT AND RESEARCH CENTER“ in the year 2017, to set-up the laboratory Infra-structures for conducting the P.M.K.V.Y – II scheme to set up the First Training Center at Bandipoda, State of Jammu & Kashmir, India. ( Bearing SMART TC ID : TPJK1714266 ) Training of ( 60 + 60 ) 120 candidates is going on as on date in the field of “ Self Employed Tailor ” and “ Customer Care Executive ( Call Centre)”. In this total land / zone , there was no scope of any kind of education / training ,like this type / nature, so the local youths have made a havoc response towards this training to sketch out a better socioeconomic status in the future which may end the prolonged nightmares of these youths.

04. Within the framework of learning for sustainable development and the current Six Year Plan ( 2015-2021) the COMMONWEALTH EDUCATIONAL MEDIA CENTRE FOR ASIA ( CEMCA ) is engaged to undertake the activities for skilling the youth. In pursuit of this objective CEMCA has engaged SILIGURI GLOBAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE for skilling the youth of Jammu& Kashmir, specially from the marginalized communities with SPECIAL FOCUS ON WOMEN to become self-sufficient , becoming Self-Employed Tailors. As this specified land / zone was totally baron in the field of any kind of education / training , so this training has got the mammoth response from the local woman with a dream of having a better independent future of them.


1.In the year 2016, SILIGURI GLOBAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE conducted the TECHNICAL TRAINING PROGRAM UNDER THE SCHEME OF PRADHAN MANTRI KAUSHAL VIKASH YOJONA ( P.M.K.V.Y – I ), for ( 60 of the 1st Batch + 80 of the 2nd Batch ) 140 nos. of candidates of all class ( ST / SC / OBC / MINORITY / GENERAL ) . Special emphasis was given on the extreme Poor economic class , Remote un-accessible areas’ candidates and also Educationally Drop-out class of candidates. The TRAINING WAS CONDUCTED ON THE 2 TECHNICAL TRADES, “LEATHE OPERATOR & WELDING ASSISTANT” and around 70% of the candidates were placed in different Small / Mid –Section Industrial Houses and which has gathered an immense response from all the levels of society and areas.

02. 9TH APRIL’2016 ( FOUNDATION DAY of S.G.E.I ) was one of the remarkable date in the life-time history of SILIGURI GLOBAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE . On the Special Occasion of this FOUNDATION DAY, S.G.E.I ORGANIZED THE ( FREE OF COST ) “MASON SKILL TARINING PROGRAMME” IN COLABORATION WITH STAR CEMENT . STAR CEMENT IS ONE OF THE GIANT CEMENT MANUFACTURING CONCERN of the NORTH-EASTERN STATES . Approx. 70 Semi-Skilled Civil Construction Work related personnel joined this program and they were amazed to get this kind of training . Each and Every Candidate were honored by presenting a specially packed LUNCH PACKET alongwith a PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE issued by STAR CEMENT . THEORITICAL & PRACTICAL TRAINING conducted by the SPECIAL TECHNICAL TEAM OF STAR CEMENT moved the every participant, just because of that on that day they actually realized the real technical issues what they had followed unknowingly in their past years of experience, without having / knowing any technical knowhow.


1. On 27th JANUARY’2015, an Academic Seminar was conducted at BUDDHA BHARTI GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL, Siliguri , West Bengal. The Seminar was organized only forthe 2015 Secondary Exam appearing students of some West Bengal government aided schools of Siliguri, where the main motto was the career counseling of the students coming from comparatively lower economic class of the society, alongwith the distribution of stationary, books and routine of the Secondary Exam ‘2015. As this North Bengal zone is not so developed academically or financially compared to the other parts of the Eastern India, so maximum number of students generally got misguided regarding the matter of their academic career and which ends in a fatal face of unemployment, poverty & frustration. SILIGURI GLOBAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE got the immense support and appreciation from the School and Local governing bodies and also the lower financial class of the students, for conducting this kind career guidance seminar, which was a class of its own

2. From 9th – 15th FEBRUARY’2015 , an Advanced Technical Workshop was conducted by the MAHINDRA “POWEROL” DIVISION which was organized by SILIGURI GLOBAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE, at its Siliguri premises, for the Up-Skilling of the working class youths in the field of Service and Maintenance Sector of Diesel Generator and Diesel Operative Automobile sector, at FREE OF COST. The total workshop was conducted under MR SAMYA DASGUPTA, TRAINING OFFICER- SERVICE SECTOR, MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA – POWEROL DIVISION in co-ordination with M/S ASCENSION, the ONE & ONLY SALES AND SERVICE UNIT OF THE MAIHNDRA POWEROL DIVISION ( DIESEL GENERATOR UNIT ) OF SILIGURI, West Bengal. In this training MR SANDIPAN CHAKRABORTY AND MR PRABIR CHAKRABORTY , the two directors of M/S ASCENSION played the most vital role in the technical skilling programme( practical session ) and which earned a mammoth popularity of the trainee youths.

3. General ( FREE OF COST )CAREER GUIDANCE PROGRAMMEfor the ST / SC / MINORITY / BPL CLASS OF CANDIDATES AND SPECIALLY THE UNEMPLOYED / DROP-OUT FROM EDUCATION , YOUTHS, was conducted for the remote area schools of the ALIPURDUAR AND COOCHBEHAR DISTRICTS OF WEST BENGAL at different time of the year. They were awared of the scopes of technical trainings and subsequent placement and self-employment opportunities for the betterment of their socio-economic status. in this programme the general students were awared regarding the adverse affects of the different technical courses, being run by some fake institutions, on the soil of North Bengal, only for the sake of fulfilling their ill motivations.

4. ON 22ND MAY’2015,( FREE OF COST ) “EDUCATION & CAREER AWARENESS MEET FOR THE PARENTS” were conducted by SILIGURI GLOBAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE, at the HARDWARE MERCHANT’S HALL at SILIGURI, WEST BENGAl. In this MEET the un-expected huge response from all the class of people from the entire zone of North Bengal & State of SIKKIM , boosted the energy level of S.G.E.Iand it injected the immense enthusiasm to do something more for the society or the youth in the future. Many parents got a glimpse of light of knowledge for re-thinking / re-structuring the future of their ward, who were almost lost / confused to shape their better future or to develop their socio-economic status. S.G.E.I still think that the MAIN MOTTO Or OBJECTIVE of this MEET was in a Full Shape, which was more than the EXPECTATION.

5. SILIGURI GLOBAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE organized a ( FREE OF COST ) 30 DAYS SPECIAL “CIVIL SURVEY ” TRAINING FOR 30 NUMBER OF ECONOMICALLY BACKWARD YOUTHS OF NORTH BENGAL ZONE, which included also the training on the “TOTAL STATION SUREVY”. This TRAINING WAS CONDUCTED BY THE SPECIALIZED PROFESSIONALS / TRAINERS of the SILIGURI GOVERNMENT INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE, at its own campus at SILIGURI, WEST BENGAL, which was proved to be a great help to them to get the immediate placement opportunities leading to a bright future for them. Some of them have already professionally adopted this line for their future earning sources and leading a comparatively better socio-economic status as on date.


The aforesaid points prove that, within the period of last 7 years (2013 – 2020 ), theInstitute has already made its repute of its own in the field of technical and non-technicaleducation / training within the state of West Bengal , with a proven record of Industryplacement in the last year and do hope that it will continue its brilliant performance in the coming sessions also, just due to its utmost dedication, hardcore passion, positivethinking and approach towards the development and benefit of the society.. Presentlywith the student strength is 300+, and hoping to increase this number with many folds inthe recent future, where Quality is the Main Motto.


  • 1.To initiate and run the Vocational Trainings and Skill development program undervarious Central andState government schemes, initiated by different Central and State Government Ministry/ Department / Councils / Organization etc, for the benefit of the youths and un-employed mass, irrespective of sex, without any profit motive.
  • 2.To initiate and run the different Technical / Non-technical / Soft-Skill Trainings under / in collaboration with any Foreign / Abroad Government / Non-Government / Corporate / Private sector departments / organization , for the enhancement of the training quality for the development of the employed and un-employed Youths / Work force of India.
  • 3. 3. To involve the organization in different charitable and social welfare works / Training and development work program in the field of technical / non-technical / soft-skill training and education / general awareness and creating their subsequent placement / self-employment opportunity to develop their socio-economic status i.e of the un-employed youth / economically backward classes / minority classes of people / old, helpless and crippled person / orphan children / physically handicapped person and as well as to develop the skills of the lower category work manpower forces to enhance their skills ultimately leading them to the better economic status and hence livelihood .
  • 4.To attain / accept any types of borrowing / grants /donations in the form of cash / kind, from any Private / Nationalized / Foreign Banks orInstitutions / Foreign Companies / Foreign NGOs / Foreign Ministries or Departments or Organization or person in self, for and as well as with the motive of Socio-economic development of India and its differentextreme economically backward classes of people/ minority classes of people / old , helpless , orphanchildren /physically challenged / handicapped people.